A.E. Ramassà is an amateur football team from Les Franqueses del Vallès, a town about 30 Km from Barcelona. Founded in 1975, the club made its first steps playing in local tournaments and what used to be called “company” competitions. In 2007, the club became professional, jumped to the 3rd Territorial League and joined the Catalan Football Federation (FCF). Nowadays, the team is playing in the 9th Group of the 4th Catalan Division, tightly competing against some of the most important teams of the Vallès Oriental Region.


A.E. Ramassà has its training sessions and plays its matches in Camp Municipal de LLerona. The facilities are modern and convenient, offering an extremely well preserved synthetic grass pitch surrounded by a countryside environment, what makes playing football there a warm and cosy experience.


In the team’s track record, we must highlight awards like the Joan Creus to the Sportsmanship in 2017 and the Olímpia in 2015 given by the Diputació de Barcelona. Strictly speaking about sport, the team has won several local well-known competitions, like the Sergi Barjuan Tournament.
Far from the pitch, A.E. Ramassà is above all an example as a human-being group. Our passion for sport and our principles have led us to carry out solidary tasks which have been praised worldwide.
The team’s official apparel is made up of a yellow and red T-shirt -recalling the Catalan flag- black shorts and red socks. A sponsorised red polo T-shirt is worn by the members of the expedition when travelling.


2013 became a key-year for A.E. Ramassà. The team starts its international activity travelling to Africa. Is in this year when the first nowadays traditional solidary adventures across the African continent took place. Not only did A.E. Ramassà play against one of the best teams from the country they visited, but they cooperated with local NGOs performing a social role, too.

This is a difficult-to-describe human experience which attracts more and more followers every year.

El codi ètic de l'A.E. Ramassà

El nostre club es regeix per uns valors i conductes que ens han convertit en el que som: el club dels valors. El companyerisme, el treball en equip o el respecte tan als jugadors com a l’afició rival són aspectes claus al nostre club.

La junta directiva del club ha redactat un codi ètic agafant com a referència els principis generals que apareixen al Codi ètic de la FCF (Federació Catalana de Futbol). Descarrega-te’l a continuació: