Etiòpia 2014


The first African adventure for our team. Ethiopia was the destination we chose to start up a project that has made history. 9th March 2014 will for sure be remembered as the first day ever in which a non-African football team played a friendly match in Ethiopia. And this TEAM was no other but A.E. Ramassà. No one could have then thought that day would draw up the lines of this club’s history. This feat has helped us to grow both as sportspeople and as human beings, too.


The journey would be worth: we were going to play against Saint George FC, ranked as the 5th best African team of the season by Africa TOP Sports magazine. 9 international players made part of the team. The match was held in the Addis Ababa National Stadium in front of more than 20,000 spectators who had the chance to enjoy such a historical event.

The welcome was simply amazing. The Ethiopian supporters threw themselves into our players, cheering and bringing music to the match with their famous vuvuzelas. More than a match, that became a party; the party of sport and solidarity. At the end of the match, many spectators went down onto the pitch to celebrate with us a day we will never forget.

The impact of our trip and match on the Catalan media was astonishing. Some of the most important radio stations, such as Catalunya Ràdio, RAC 1, COPE or Ràdio 7 Vallès, followed and narrated the adventures of a humble Regional 4th Division football club playing against one of the best African teams. Likewise did the best-seller sports papers like SPORT or Mundo Deportivo, or general newspapers like La Vanguardia o El 9Nou. We must also highlight the interview Mr. Josep Cuní, made us on 8TV channel on our arrival back from Africa, and, of course, the gorgeous documentary VOTV dedicated to our experience.


Solidarity played a big part in this trip. We did not want to leave the country without seeing and soaking up its culture and helping the inhabitants of this wonderful country as well. A.E. Ramassà mobilised its supporters, sponsors and local companies so that they could help them gather both sports and school materials which would be brought to Ethiopia. As a result, we managed to hand out more than 100 kilos of these materials to children who, thanks to this, will be able to do sport and keep on studying in much better conditions.


Do you want to see how our players lived this experience? Have a look at this moving documentary VOTV made of it. Enjoy!